Limmud Europe Values

is an innovative and inspiring project that focuses on the Limmud values. Led by a core team from (currently!) Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, France, Poland, Serbia and Spain, LEV is a series of online gatherings, applying a European lens onto the ten Limmud values: Learning, Expanding Jewish Horizons, Enabling Connections, Participation, Empowerment, Diversity, Community and Mutual Responsibility, Respect, Arguments for the Sake of Heaven. The two additional gatherings will focus on Sustainability and Solidarity. If you’d like to join the team get in touch.


Limmud communities

Each gathering is programmed and organised by a diverse team of volunteers from Limmud communities across Europe.

Each team can take ownership over the content they bring and issues they choose to focus on. Teams have the freedom to decide about format (single or multiple tracks), modalities (learning, panels, discussion, art shows, exhibitions, concerts, virtual tours, chevruta, etc), length and languages. If you’d like to co-organise one of the LEV events let us know.

The gathering on the theme of Solidarity, which we are hoping to be able to hold in person, will bring together all the learning, networking, needs and ideas that will have emerged over the course of LEV’s activities.
In times of rising populism, nationalism and systemic racism, the LEV project brings together Jewish communities across Europe.

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The first event explored the diversity of Jewish experiences in Europe today. The event focused on personal narratives that do not often get the spotlight within Jewish communities and on getting to know emerging European thinkers, artists and activists from Barcelona to Krakow, from Belgrade to Copenhagen. During the event, we will also studied together about what our texts have to say about diversity.

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