Alex Hazan


When and where did your Limmud journey begin?

I have been involved with Limmud for so long, I can't really remember when was the first time. I think it was 2009 and I went with my family as a participant. Ever since I have never doubted taking part as a participant or a volunteer in different Limmud events around the world.

How would you explain what Limmud is to someone who has never heard of it?

Limmud is not just an event, but it is a great feeling. The feeling of being yourself, appreciated, together with your people and genuinely happy. That's a time in space where you can stop caring about daily problems and meet amazing people and ideas. Limmud is experience, opportunity and challenge for everybody, so just go for it!

What excites you about being part of LEV?

Being part of LEV is all about sharing common ideas with people from around the world. The diversity of the LEV people having the same values make me so excited about it.
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