April 24, 2021

Would Spinoza get invited to Limmoed?

A session dedicated to Limmud Values at Limmoed Netherlands.
April 13, 2021

Let my people PARTICIPATE

In the face of the pandemic most Limmud teams began to create online events, making the international Limmud community of learning much more interconnected and accessible than ever before. So what have we learned in order to create exceptionally engaging and inspiring experiences? How do we make certain that digital tools enable participation – one of Limmud’s core values – rather than curtail it? Under the umbrella of the LEV (Limmud Europe Values) project, Limmud invites you to a training dedicated to these questions.
January 17, 2021


Do you know the old joke about a Jew stranded on a desert island? When he is finally discovered, his rescuers find that he has constructed two synagogues – one, he goes to. The other he would never set a foot in.
December 27, 2020

Lev O’clock at Festival

Limmud’s values are at the heart of all that is happening at any Limmud. But how did they come about, what’s their purpose, and what’s our part in it? Join recent and seasoned Limmudniks for a conversation on around Limmud’s values and innovation.
November 22, 2020

“School, Seminar, Self: Three Covid Success Stories”

Zehud, Limmud, and a meditation program run via Base Berlin are all examples of programs that were challenged by Covid and in reacting made themselves even better. We will hear their stories and think about how we can incorporate their lessons into our own educational programming.
November 22, 2020

#Arguments for the Sake of Heaven

‘Limmud.de online, as partner of Limmud LEV, centered on the value of “arguments for the sake of heaven”.
October 6, 2020

European Virtual Sukkot / #Enabling Connections

Most of us didn’t get a chance to participate in real-life communal Sukkot celebrations this year. Which is why LEV, EUJS and Junction have joined together to build a virtual sukkah.
September 6, 2020


The first event explored the diversity of Jewish experiences in Europe today. The event focused on personal narratives that do not often get the spotlight within Jewish communities and on getting to know emerging European thinkers, artists and activists from Barcelona to Krakow, from Belgrade to Copenhagen.
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