Cindy Mindell


When and where did your Limmud journey begin?

I have known about Limmud NY as a Jewish-community professional working in the New York Metro region since 2006, but I never attended an event, even when the venue was only12 miles away! My first (semi-)Limmud event was part of JW3's "It Says What?!" weekly Facebook Live series, in April 2020. I then registered for Limmud Together UK in August and have attended several additional programs since then.

How would you explain what Limmud is to someone who has never heard of it?

To a newbie, I would describe Limmud as a vast, lively, interactive festival of Jewish learning on a broad range of topics (scholarly, cultural, societal, spiritual, religious) with speakers who bring diverse backgrounds, personal experience and identity, and education to their presentations.

What excites you about being part of LEV?

I enjoy being part of an international network of Jews who share a love of learning and who want to share their passion with fellow Jews and Jewish communities. I am excited by the opportunity to dig into the underpinning values of Limmud and understand what motivates actual and potential participants. In the process, I have the opportunity to examine and strengthen my personal values.
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