David Weis


When and where did your Limmud journey begin?

My Limmud Journey began in 2016 in Birmingham. I’ve attended several other Limmud programmes all over Europe since!

How would you explain what Limmud is to someone who has never heard of it?

Limmud is a unique and neutral place for the exchange of ideas among people who care about Jewish values, history, current affairs and future developments. Unlike other Jewish events, it is not split according to denominational, political and/or Israel/Diaspora lines, but takes in the overall picture and addresses many issues at hand, both in the Jewish and non-Jewish world. There are no real taboos and all of this happens in an environment that is characterised by respect and openness.

What excites you about being part of LEV?

I believe that LEV can really improve Limmud as a whole with its input and strengthen Limmud’s presence on the European continent. I am very much committed to building strong Jewish communities in Europe, communities that value dialogue and debates, which are tolerant and interact with the wider world. I am hoping to further expand my Jewish horizon through LEV and am just grateful for the dynamic and dedicated people I’ve met so far!
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