Mina Pasajlic


When and where did your Limmud journey begin?

Once upon a time, somewhere in Belgrade in 2007, a small team of people sat down and listened about the concept of Limmud events. What happened next was a discussion about the idea of Limmud and its potential organisation for the countries of former Yugoslavia. Just a mere 2-3 months later, the first ever Limmud ExYu was organized in Belgrade (Serbia). Ever since then, I’ve been a part of the organizing team for Limmud ExYu and over the years the event was organised in almost all of the former Yugoslavia countries. I was also lucky enough to attend two “big Limmuds” (our “nickname” for the Limmud Festival).

How would you explain what Limmud is to someone who has never heard of it?

A gathering of Jewish learning, discussion, humour, arguments where every single person will come out richer with the new life experience.

What excites you about being part of LEV?

The conversations within the team. The conversations with the participants of the LEV events. The idea of bringing all sides and aspects of Judaism to European Jewry (and beyond).
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